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Our success stories

The following is a brief summary of the projects that the team of this company has worked in, and may give an idea of our extensive background in the software development field.

Task and Resource Planning for an external portal

  • Situation: It is an external website showing a list of tasks to perform, along with a set of working documents. The ultimate goal is to load a document with the result of the work, indicating the resources that have done the job.
  • Objective: Solution to manage the allocation of internal resources, and automation of loading and unloading of documents.
  • Solution: Create an agent to connect to the external portal and get the list of tasks, and synchronize the files to download and the work to deliver. This agent acts as an HTTP client that establishes a connection and performs the interpretation of HTML content delivered by the portal through HTTP GET and POST methods. It also provides a Web interface that allows internal resources to assign tasks, view tasks and deliver results, using a workflow implemented according to customer needs.
  • Technology: Web Application based on Java Servlet container, housed in an external hosting provider.

Document and Workflow management Platform

  • Situation: The customer exchanges a series of work documents with their end customers by email, to be treated and returned. There is no fine control over the status of tasks, or a framework for exchanging the documents.
  • Objective: To provide a platform for exchanging the documents in this situation. Also, generate reports to automate the billing.
  • Solution: A portal to upload documents associated with their work, allowing to provide all the parameters associated with the job, and to allow both parties to monitor the status of tasks. Additionally, export status reports that are directly integrated into the accounting system of the client. In addition, flows can be customized according to the final customer needs.
  • Technology: Web Application based on PHP, Perl and MySQL in a shared hosting, environment communication using SSL (certificate server).

Orders and Invoices management via EDI

  • Situation: The final customer will send orders via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to our customer, and also expects to receive invoices in this format. These orders are reflected in transportations, which collect goods from the provider and deliver them to the final customer.
  • Objective: Automate reading and writing orders via EDI invoices, manage the transportation through the data received and validate them to report any incident to the final customer.
  • Solution: Implement an EDI message coder / decoder and a management Web interface. The interface to manage orders, assign them to a transport, validate and print delivery notes (PDF) that drivers can use. Additionally, it implements a notification system to report incidents in the interpretation and integration of EDI orders.
  • Technology: Java-based Web Application Servlets, MySQL transactional database.

Cooperation in developing a mobile content platform

  • Situation: A developer of a mobile content platform for global players needs a team of experts to complete the development.
  • Objective: To complete the development with a remote development team.
  • Solution: Building a shared CVS repository and setting up a test lab on a shared machine to perform integration of the features to be implemented. The team meets regularly to monitor the project.
  • Technology: Java, Weblogic Application Server, Oracle database.

B2B Web Service for the exchange of jobs

  • Situation: The end user wants to perform job requests via a client / server interface that allows submit jobs, query the status of their work and receive the processed data.
  • Objective: Automate the communication, integrating it with the existing enterprise management systems.
  • Solution: Implement an standard Web service that the final customer can interact with. Also, provide an HTML Web interface that shows the state of the server and queries it about pending requests. Additionally, implement an email notification system for our customer which informs him of the arrival of new jobs.
  • Technology: Apache Axis on Tomcat.

Interconnection of two issue management systems

  • Situation: We have two issue management systems for network elements that need to interconnect. The source data is a proprietary RAW format, and we have the elements configuration in a database. The expected result is XML data.
  • Objective: Automate the communication of the two systems transparently, without intervention.
  • Solution: A decoder for the RAW format is implemented. The data is processed together with the definition of network elements (MIB) to give a picture of the state, and an XML file is generated. This exchange is scheduled for execution according to the final customer needs.
  • Technology: Java, XML, Informix Database.

Project management for a Mobile Infrastructure

  • Situation: A mobile infrastructure provider must manage a number of installation contractors. It has at its disposal the network configuration data, and the input from the supervisors of the facilities.
  • Objective: To manage all project data, allowing supervisors to update the information in offline mode (which is normal in site visits), synchronize the information later, and generate reports to quantify the performance of those contractors.
  • Solution: A native client installer for supervisors and project manager. Allows working offline and then synchronize with the central data source. Once all the necessary data is imported, it can generate the reports required by the customer.
  • Technology: .NET Platform using C#, Access databases, export to Excel/PDF.

Interconnection of medical equipment

  • Situation: A supplier of medical equipment needs to integrate them into the infrastructure of a hospital. This equipment speaks HL7 standard protocol (Heath Level 7), other than the one implemented at the hospital, which is proprietary.
  • Objective: To integrate the two systems to exchange information provided by the equipments, referred to medical tests, and by the hospital, referring to patient records.
  • Solution: We implemented an agent that connects both worlds. This agent implements the network protocols on both sides and transfer significant information to the opposite side.
  • Technology: Java, Apache MINA library for the protocol stack, Oracle database.