software architects

Business Grade Software Development

Our primary objective is the complete customer satisfaction, in order to establish a lasting relationship of trust. We achieve this objective through a number of distinctive features in our work:

  1. Total transparency in the development process. The consequence is that our customers are fully aware of the project status, and interact as necessary in making decisions, thus reducing the risk of producing a solution deviated from their original expectations.
  2. A well documented communication: from the first technical proposal to the support after the launch, we are always concerned about process documentation. We also reflect it in the online resources we make available to the customer.
  3. The achievement of a business grade code. The consequences are:
    1. Drastic reduction in the number of issues following the deployment of the solution.
    2. Simplification of possible evolutions of the solution, resulting in cost reduction.

All this is made possible by our work methodology, which impacts on each of the essential aspects.

Focus Areas

Our approach is clearly business orientated. We provide a friendly environment for our customers, so that they only have to concentrate on their business, and not in the details associated with the software.

We are focused on different aspects of your business relationships:

  • In the relationship with other companies, to interconnect their corporate IT systems;
  • In relation to final customers, to make your business as visible as possible and improve interaction;
  • Within your own company, to improve the automation of your management processes.

Whenever possible, we suggest solutions based on environments independent from the technological choices, such as the operating system. This facilitates long independent evolution of the application from its environment, and ease of migration to another environment in accordance with the decisions in your company.

When designing we always think of the future of your solution. Making this effort in the initial design phase enables easier adoption of new evolutions, scalability or fault tolerant architectures.


We have experience in using various technologies:

  • Web design: HTML, Javascript, Flash, Flex
  • Programming Languages: Java, C, C#, PHP, Perl, shell
  • Web environments: JSP Servlets, ASP
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, SQL Server
  • Internet standards: XML, JSON, Web Services/SOAP, XMLRPC
  • Mobile applications: Android, iOS, Blackberry